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Campaign to educate Missourians on voter ID law

By Gabe Bullard, KWMU

St. Louis, MO – There's a new campaign aimed at educating Missourians on the new Voter ID law, which will require voters to present a photo ID before casting ballots.

State Senator Joan Bray (D-University City) opposed the Voter ID bill, but has now made educating part of her re-election campaign.

"A lot of people think, Photo ID, no big deal, I have to have one when I go to the gym," Bray said Tuesday. "We're talking about a group of people who don't go to the gym, who don't drive. We're talking about poor people, people with disabilities, elderly people and what it takes to get a photo ID can be very difficult in their lives."

Roughly 200,000 registered voters are estimated not to have a proper ID; they can get one for free at any Department of Revenue office.

"Elections in Missouri have been traditionally very close and I think it's important that we make sure everybody has a right to vote," said Secretary of State Robin Carnahan. "200,000 people is a lot of people and we need to make every effort we can to make sure they understand the new law and they're out there and able to cast their ballot and make sure it's counted."


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