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Rudy Giuliani back in Missouri

Giuliani in St. Charles
Giuliani in St. Charles

By Adam Allington, KWMU

Springfield, IL – Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani has made his second trip to Missouri in five weeks.

Giuliani spoke at a rally in St. Charles before heading to a town hall meeting in southwest Missouri.

Conservative Christian leader Pat Robertson recently endorsed the Giuliani campaign.

The endorsement last week by Robertson surprised many Christian leaders, who consider Giuliani's support of abortion rights as a deal breaker.

Giuliani says that even though Robertson may disagree with him on abortion, they both agree that Islamic terrorism poses the greatest threat to America.

"He, Pat Robertson, as I, believe that the number one threat we face is the terrorist war against us. And he believes I'd be the most effective in keeping this country safe and in getting this country to a successful resolution with the least amount of casualties."

Robertson was called an "agent of intolerance" by Republican Senator John McCain in his 2000 presidential run.

Other evangelical leaders, such as James Dobson, have threatened to bolt the Republican Party if Giuliani is the presidential nominee.

The former New York Mayor said he would cut the cost of government by phasing out jobs as federal employees retire.

He also made reference to possible preemptive action against Iran if they are in fact developing nuclear weapons.

"We need to be able to use our military in a preemptive way; we need to be able to have the Patriot Act; we need to be able to have electronic surveillance and aggressive questioning, not torture not illegal, but aggressive, these are the things that are necessary to keep us safe."

Republican Senator Kit Bond has endorsed Giuliani.

Missouri's primary falls on February 5th, the so-called super-duper Tuesday .


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