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Carnahan says that voter fraud is a non-issue

By Adam Allington, KWMU

St. Louis, MO – Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan says allegations of voter fraud are perpetuated despite evidence to the contrary.

Carnahan, a Democrat, testified before a Senate Rules Committee in Washington on Wednesday about what she calls, "the myth of voter fraud".

She claimed that there are already sufficient measures in place to provide access and prevent voter fraud.

"What I'm trying to focus on are some other things that are not fraud, but also prevent voting or make it harder," said Carnahan.

"Things like long lines or running out of ballots on Election Day, or confusion about what kind of IDs are needed to vote."

The secretary said it was the misguided fear of fraud that prompted the Missouri legislature to pass a law in 2006 requiring voters to present a government-issue photo ID.

That law, she said, would have made it harder for many poor and elderly Missourians to cast ballots.

"They got people all excited and they passed the photo-ID law in Missouri that had the potential to disenfranchise up to 240,000 legitimate voters in our state."

The law was later struck down by the Missouri Supreme Court.

Carnahan said she hasn't found any instances of in-person voter fraud in Missouri.


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