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Andy Field

On Wednesday night, around 13 members of "Saint Louis Metro Airbnb Hosts" gathered at the Dennis & Judith Jones Visitor and Education Center. Bryan Young (pictured center) is an advocate designated to work with policymakers. February 6, 2019
Andy Field | St. Louis Public Radio

Although St. Louis Airbnb hosts brought in more revenue and more guests than anywhere else in the state last year, some are worried a proposed city bill could hurt business.

A group called the Saint Louis Metro Airbnb Hosts has formed to oppose new regulations introduced in the Board of Aldermen in December.

Kae Petrin | St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louis will no longer have green bikes lining its sidewalks.

Bike-share company Lime decided to replace its bike fleet with electric scooters. The scooters have proven to be more popular among residents, a Lime spokesperson said.

Jim McKelvey speaking with MBA students during an entrepreneurship summit in 2013.
Washington University in St. Louis

Jim McKelvey earned degrees in computer science and economics from Washington University in the late ‘80s, but he said the engineering skills he learned at Wash U have proven more crucial to his career as an entrepreneur.

“It wasn’t my choice in high school to study engineering, but it’s literally changed my life,” the Square co-founder said, “and I want that opportunity to be available to as many people as possible.”