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Mike Schrand began his radio career at St. Louis Public Radio as a live recording intern from 1986 to 1988. From 1988 to 1992, he acted as Jazz ‘Till Dawn producer and host and weekend announcer, occasional engineer for Jazzstream With Walter Parker and Jazz Unlimited and Morning Edition engineer and producer. From 1992 to 1995, Schrand worked in the corporate world, but returned as a weekend announcer in 1995. In 1996, Schrand was hired as St. Louis Public Radio Traffic Director and was promoted to Assistant Program Director in 1998 and Program Director in 2001. In his spare time he writes, sings, and plays bass in the local roots quartet Salt Of The Earth, and enjoys down time with his family in St. Louis City.

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StoryCorps St. Louis brings you a conversation with Eddie Foxx, 18, and his foster grandfather Clyde Trucks, 56.

Foxx wound up in foster care at the age of 12 after his biological father was arrested several times for DUI (driving under the influence), leaving his family without the means to support Eddie. He spent the next few years in the foster care system, until Trucks' daughter adopted him in to their "forever family."  


In honor of Veterans Day, StoryCorps St. Louis brings you a conversation with friends Sherry Echohawk Taluc and Molly Tovar. Taluc is Native American. She joined the Army in 1971. Many members of her family also served the United States, including her grandfather, who was an American Indian “code talker,” soldiers who used their native language to communicate encrypted information. Tovar spoke with Taluc about her Army experience along with her family’s service heritage.

(Courtesy of Nick Garcia)

Cree Rider Family Band

(Courtesy of Merv Shrock)

Ransom Note 

(Courtesy of Abby Gillardi)

Sleepy Kitty

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(Courtesy of Nick Garcia)

 Kim Massie and Peter Martin in Concert

(Courtesy of Erin Williams)

(Courtesy of Mike Schrand)

Nick Garcia talks to Kiersten Rose (piano, vocals) and Brian Vacarro (guitar) of the band Adonis Blue, whose first album, Bloom, comes out November 23rd.  The band, which also features Mark Wallace (bass) and Kyle Honeycutt (drums), mixes jazz and pop with a light feel.

Dennis C. Owsley / Copyright Dennis C. Owsley

Dennis Owsley and St. Louis Jazz History

Jeff Hirsch

Halloween has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. Ghosts, witches, vampires, and, with ever more frequency, zombies, inhabit the world of what scares us and entertains us. The sheer number of zombie movies, TV shows, books and video games seems overwhelming to me. I just don’t get the fascination. But it’s there and has even crossed over to the stage. Stray Dog Theatre remounts Evil Dead, a zombie musical, created in Canada and most lovingly imported to the USA. Yes, that’s right, a zombie musical.

(Courtesy of Nick Garcia)

Bryan and Lola

Nick Garcia talks to Bryan Toben and Lola Hennicke, known as the musical duo Bryan and Lola.  They'll talk about their quiet, informal beginnings and how they came to their mix of rock, pop and jazz, inspirations for music and their songwriting process.  Before they head back to teaching music, they'll show us a little of their musical abilities with some original tunes.

(Courtesy Nick Garcia)

Kentucky Knife Fight - Interview and Acoustic Set

(Courtesy of Nick Garcia)

Brothers Lazaroff:  "Hope Fear Youth" Block Party Interview and Performance

(Courtesy of Abby Gillardi)

Bob Reuter was a man who lived by no rules, a man who called it like he saw it. He was a beloved St. Louis musician, writer, photographer, radio personality, and friend who was taken from us in a freak accident on August 3rd, 2013.  

 Jordan KylieAcoustic singer/songwriter Jordan Kylie talks about her style of music and the literary influences on her music.  She also performs a few songs as well.

Boxing Clever

This Arch City Radio Hour is dedicated to the Whiskey War Festival, a grass roots music festival in St. Charles that bridges the musical gap between the City and the County.  We'll talk to the founders of the festival the Maness Brothers, and to country artist Jack Grelle.  We'll also hear from a couple of the bands slated for the festival on Saturday June 29th, 2013 at VFW Post 2866 in Saint Charles.

The Maness Brothers

(Courtesy of Erin Williams)


Miss Jubilee

St. Louis Public Radio's Erin Williams talks to Dan Conner and Valerie Kirchoff of the jump blues / retro swing band Miss Jubilee.  They tell Erin about how the band first started as a passionate hobby and has now turned into a successful full-time band.  We'll also hear "I Found A New Baby" and "Some of These Days" from their self-titled album.