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After Ferguson: What's your most pressing question?

Apr 8, 2015

As spring flowers push their way up at the site where Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in August, thoughts around the tragedy are also emerging as more pointed questions.

What institutionalized forces may have contributed to the shooting? How has it changed the St. Louis region? Will that continue? St. Louis Public would like to hear from you. (Scroll down to the end of this post to send us your questions.)

We've already asked several local residents to condense their thoughts into a single query. Here are their responses.

How can people, who are not of color, help?

When can we all stop seeing each other as "different?"

What would you risk for the sake of justice?

How do we change the process of law enforcement?

When will area officials recognize this situation as a racial emergency?

Were the events of Ferguson a matter of fate?

How can we all become more involved in our own government?

How did this particular local incident spark such widespread outrage and action?

When we can stop being afraid of each other?

Can we all take a hard look at ourselves?

Please send us your questions by emailing Donna Korando or by commenting on this post.

Nancy Kranzberg is a contributor to St. Louis Public Radio.

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