Audio Agitation: Country-fried weird rock | St. Louis Public Radio

Audio Agitation: Country-fried weird rock

Jan 15, 2016

After our bout with melody circa last Audio Agitation we’re going to let things get a little weird. There’s a specific strain of St. Louis rock that seems to draws inspiration from anywhere they can get it.  The music can turn from melodic to aggressive or ambient in one bar.  The vocals may be volatile.  Electronics, distortion, and a heavy bassline are all tossed together in a send up of that old rock ‘n roll fury.  Here’s some of the kickers.

Yowie – this band has the sharp edges and rigid repetition of math rock but it’s played at speeds that often force melodies off the rail into chaos.

Bug Chaser – exuberant guitar driven music filtered through basically every era of rock ‘n roll.  Songs can swing from Stooge’s to Frank Zappa in a heartbeat.  And there’s a ridiculous number of musicians in this band.

Demon Lover – Demon Lover seems willing to follow any and every impulse down the rabbit hole. There are moments of pure abstract electronics slammed together with jammy guitar lines and nature sounds.