Behind the Headlines: Dissecting the controversy over Kelley Walker's exhibit at CAM | St. Louis Public Radio

Behind the Headlines: Dissecting the controversy over Kelley Walker's exhibit at CAM

Sep 30, 2016

On Friday’s “Behind the Headlines,” we took a deep dive into the controversy around Kelley Walker’s “Direct Drive” exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.

We heard from St. Louis Public Radio reporters Jenny Simeone and Willis Ryder Arnold, who have been reporting on the issues surrounding the exhibit and public outcry over its depiction of black bodies. Some have called for the exhibit to come down in its entirety and others have said that would constitute an act of censorship.

Willis Ryder Arnold and Jenny Simeone joined "St. Louis on the Air" on Friday.
Credit Kelly Moffitt | St. Louis Public Radio

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The Contemporary Art Museum announced earlier this week that the exhibit would stay up, but it would be modified to address the controversial selection.

We also heard an excerpt from the Cut & Paste podcast, which recently hosted Jason Wilson and Shanti Parikh, a St. Louis couple who publicly expressed different views about the exhibit. They discussed the kinds of conversations they’ve had about Walker’s work and the Contemporary Art Museum. Wilson is the owner of Northwest Coffee and sits on the Contemporary Art Museum’s board. Parikh is a professor of sociocultural anthropology and African-American studies at Washington University.

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Editors note: Shanti Parikh serves on the board the Friends of St. Louis Public Radio.

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