Behind the Headlines: Has Greitens’ affair affected his governance? | St. Louis Public Radio

Behind the Headlines: Has Greitens’ affair affected his governance?

Jan 19, 2018


On Friday’s Behind the Headlines segment, St. Louis on the Air host Don Marsh discussed Gov. Eric Greitens’ impact on governance after his admission to having an extramarital affair. Joining the discussion were St. Louis Public Radio politics editor Fred Ehrlich and reporter Jo Mannies.

Ehrlich said he believes the scandal affected business in the Senate since the governor’s statewide tax-reform tour is on hold and proposed state budget has not been released.

Various elected officials called on the governor to resign, but Ehrlich said he does not see that happening at the moment.   

“I think [Greitens is] going to try to move forward,” Ehrlich said. “Unlike a lot of political scandals where the official will go on a repentance tour, he’s not going to do that – even though the public wants it and he probably should.”

Greitens’ has not appeared in the public since the news broke of his affair. Mannies said the governor is “missing his opportunity” to clear the air by staying quiet.  

“If he wants to be effective he’s going to have to get out there and be willing to answer questions on some of this stuff, even if they’re questions that are distasteful,” Mannies said.

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