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Black Leaders Weigh In On Black Leadership In St. Louis

Aug 28, 2014

Mike Jones addresses the St. Louis County Council earlier this year.
Credit Jason Rosenbaum | St. Louis Public Radio / St. Louis Public Radio

On Aug. 14, Mike Jones wrote in the St. Louis American that black leaders have failed those they represent.

In his commentary, the senior policy adviser for County Executive Charlie Dooley and a member of the State Board of Education wrote: 

My view is the circumstances that created the events that resulted in tragedy of Michael Brown's much too early death can be placed squarely at the feet of black leadership, or I should have said at the failure of black leadership to fulfill the only moral imperative of leadership – protecting and advancing the interest of the people you lead.

Read his commentary in full.

Jones joined us Thursday to talk more about his commentary and black leaders in the St. Louis region. Joining him:

  • Patricia Bynes, Democratic committeewoman for Ferguson Township;
  • Donald Suggs, publisher and executive editor of St. Louis American.

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