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Bobby McFerrin Calls Himself A ‘Songcatcher’

Apr 16, 2013

Bobby McFerrin is a multi-faceted vocalist.  A 10-time Grammy winner, he has blurred the lines between pop music and fine art and has inspired a generation of a cappella singers.  He is best known for his hit, Don’t Worry, Be Happy, which explores the limits of the human voice.  But while he is certainly pleased with the song’s success, he does not want to be defined by it.

McFerrin describes himself as a “songcatcher.” He also continues to be a student of music, frequently traveling to other cultures to see what he can learn from their music.  While he often sings with instrumentalists, his favorite form of performance is solo. A master of improvisation, McFerrin frequently goes out on stage with no idea of what he is going to do, but instead, draws on the audience for inspiration with his vocal explorations.

McFerrin has strong ties with St. Louis.  His father, Robert McFerrin, Sr., went to high school here before earning international renown as an operatic baritone.  The elder McFerrin was the first African American to be offered a contract with the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.  After he retired from his operatic career, he returned to St. Louis and continued singing for the remainder of his life.  In 1987, Bobby, his sister Brenda, and his father performed a special benefit concert together at The Sheldon Concert Hall.

Bobby McFerrin’s most recent album, SpiritYouAll, will be released next month.   SpiritYouAll is also the title of the concert he will perform for this year’s Sheldon Gala on April 25.  The program pays homage to his father and the generations of Americans who sang of our shared joy and pain through spirituals. 

Bobby McFerrin was Don Marsh’s guest on St. Louis on the Air to discuss his career, his St. Louis ties and his Sheldon Gala concert.  When Marsh asked him what’s next, he replied that he’d like to slow down his travel schedule and spend more time writing and for the first time, exploring himself as a song writer.

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