Bond: WikiLeak-ers may have blood on their hands | St. Louis Public Radio

Bond: WikiLeak-ers may have blood on their hands

Nov 30, 2010

Many Americans are unsure what should happen in reaction to the recent publication of over 250,000 leaked U.S. diplomatic documents by the website WikiLeaks.

Not Missouri Senator Kit Bond.

Bond is calling for those responsible forĀ  to be "brought to justice," and that the leakers may have blood on their hands.

Bond sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee and said that the leaks pose a critical security threat.

"Anybody who leaks classified information should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," Bond said, "We have had our intelligence sources compromised by too many leaks in the past, it's endangered troops; it's made our country less safe."

Bond also said that having secure, private correspondence between U.S. diplomats and Washington is a crucial element in shaping policy.

"And if you can't have candid conversations without having some worm disclose them, then we are in danger of not having an effective foreign policy or an effective military policy," Bond said.

In July the pentagon confirmed a criminal probe into Wikileaks, an investigation that is ongoing.