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Busch Stadium Ranked 5th Best Ballpark In America

Mar 21, 2013

We know the question, unquestionably, in many Cardinals fans' heads right now is something like this:

"What? Number FIVE? We're number one!"

Well, Cardinals pride aside, the Redbirds' home turf has been rated as the number 5 best ballpark in America by TripAdvisor.

The site lists Busch between Fenway Park in Boston and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. The number one spot for major league baseball in the country? PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

What warranted Busch's inclusion on the list? TripAdvisor says Busch's gorgeous skyline backdrop and mouthwatering food options make it tops. They say that Busch is "an experience all to itself."

Here are several more on the list of ballparks from TripAdvisor in gallery form: