Compton Bridge to reopen tomorrow | St. Louis Public Radio

Compton Bridge to reopen tomorrow

Feb 28, 2011

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A map of the location of the Compton Bridge. Click around in the map to explore.

The Compton Bridge in midtown St. Louis is set to reopen to traffic tomorrow.

Compton will be the primary detour during the 14-month reconstruction of the Grand Boulevard Bridge.

St. Louis City Streets Director Todd Waelterman says the Grand closure means finding new routes for some 30,000 vehicles every day.

"It's going to be like a small I-64 closure to us," Waelterman said. "We're going to fire up our traffic operations center.  We're going to have spotters at the major intersections.  We're going to hold this baby tight to us for a couple weeks until we get this baby moving smooth."

Waelterman says Grand will close to traffic on March 14.

The new bridge will feature wider sidewalks and bicycle lane, as well as a newly redesigned Metrolink station.