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Cut & Paste: Activist Elizabeth Vega is outspoken about Art House and her house arrest

Feb 8, 2017

St. Louis artist and activist Elizabeth Vega spends a lot of time in her home.

It’s a place in north St. Louis known as Art House, that she bought in 2015. There, she provides space for sign-making and other activities related to protest actions. She also works with local children to create kites, collages and other art to help them process their feelings. Recently, she spent five days and nights at Art House without leaving. An ankle monitoring device kept her tethered to her home.

In our latest Cut & Paste podcast, we talk with Vega about the assault charge and conviction that led to her house-arrest and probation sentence, and why working with children is an important part of her activism.

Elizabeth Vega reflects on the art created in her her home, called Art House.
Credit Willis Ryder Arnold | St. Louis Public Radio

Here’s a little of what you’ll hear in the podcast:

  • Vega, on wearing an ankle monitor: “There would be times that I would like get ready to walk out the door and realize that, 'Oh, wait, I’m under house arrest.'”
  • About how her talents lie more in the writing realm rather than the visual arts arena: “I co-founded the Artivists but they don’t let me do lettering.”
  • What Vega asks herself as she works with kids: “How do we instill in them the creativity and imagination so they can re-envision a new world?”

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