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Cut & Paste: Edo Rosenblith's 'Supper Club’ samples mess of food, family and conversation

Oct 27, 2016

You can almost hear the silverware clatter, the glasses clink and the generations clash as Thanksgiving approaches.

St. Louis artist Edo Rosenblith aims to capture the conviviality and chaos of the family dinner table — during holidays or not — in wall-sized mural, “Supper Club.” The 10-by-24 piece towers over work tables at the TechArtista co-working space in the Central West End (see image of full mural, below).

In our latest Cut & Paste podcast, we talk with Rosenblith about the artistic and personal themes of his work.

Here’s some of what you’ll hear in our podcast with artist Edo Rosenblith:

  • On why you don’t have to have an artistic mindset to appreciate his mural: “Everyone’s family has, like, issues and people fighting.”
  • About borrowing from other artists’ already established ideas: “I think it’s good to steal from all the people you like.”
  • On the death of his twin brother, also an artist, at 19. “He was my first, sort of, collaborator, so when he did die, it was like the death of … that as well.”

A side note: TechArtista is offering a series of Supper Club dinners, including one taking place Friday night, in which diners eat alongside the mural.

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Edo's Rosenblith's Supper Club mural is a permanent installation on the walls of the Techartista co-networking space.
Credit Edo Rosenblith