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Cut & Paste podcast: Antionette Carroll on how designers can solve social problems

Nov 4, 2015

St. Louis designer Antionette Carroll doesn’t know what might resolve thorny and multi-faceted problems like racism, stereotypical thinking and gentrification. But she thinks design professionals — and others like you and me — might have bits and pieces of solutions within ourselves.

Carroll launched a nonprofit called Creative Reaction Lab after Michael Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer. She wanted to challenge creative thinkers to address institutionalized inequality and other social issues.

In our Cut & Paste podcast, she tells us her idea has given birth to a card game about what police protection should look like, a chalk project challenging stereotypes and a match-up system for volunteers.

Here’s some of what you’ll hear in the podcast:

  • Carroll, on how our living/working environment is all part of a plan. “Even the way we walk around on the streets and the room has been designed.”
  • Her advice to designers about pro bono work: “You don’t just have to create a logo. You can create a movement.”
  • On why she has protesters talk with designers: “Because they’re the true experts. They are the ones that say, ‘This is what I’m living.’”

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