Dear St. Louis mayor, I have a question ... | St. Louis Public Radio

Dear St. Louis mayor, I have a question ...

Mar 19, 2017

St. Louis mayoral forums like this one have been packed. So, we know you have questions for St. Louis' next mayor.

What are they? 

Curious Louis wants to know what you want to know.

We'll put some of the best questions up for a vote to figure out which ones St. Louis Public Radio should cover next as the city moves into a new era with a new mayor.

Here are some tips for asking a good Curious Louis question.

A good Curious Louis question is specific. It sparks curiosity and wonder. It is serious or quirky. You're motivated by curiosity to ask it.

Traits of not-so-great questions? Axes to grind, vendettas, accusations — you know, all those things you hate about conversations online that go nowhere.

Talk to your friends and neighbors. Have a chat with your work colleagues. And then, send us your questions for St. Louis' first new mayor in 16 years.