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Examining social democracy and the welfare state with Jack Luzkow

May 5, 2015

Fontbonne University professor Jack Luzkow joined host Don Marsh.
Credit Alex Heuer / St. Louis Public Radio

Jack Luzkow, professor of history at Fontbonne University, joined “St. Louis on the Air” host Don Marsh to share details about his book “The Great Forgetting: The Past, Present and Future of Social Democracy and the Welfare State.”

In the book, Luzkow mentioned an array of social issues including the distribution of wealth, taxing the ‘1 percent’, health care, and more.

“‘The Great Forgetting’ is a reminder of what we used to be able to do in hard times,” Luzkow said. “It’s also a reminder of what some people are able to do today in times of stress. Basically ‘The Great Forgetting’ is that we once knew how to deal- or at least we were able to cope- with the period of the Great Depression.”

Here are some of the issues highlighted in the book:

  • President Theodore Roosevelt’s economic programs
  • How inequality can lead to recessions and depressions
  • Restructuring the American health care system
  • Who controls the government and its policies
  • The impact of Wall Street on the economy
  • The benefits of labor unions
  • The disconnect between productivity and wages

Listen to the audio to hear Luzkow explain his viewpoint on the issues he pointed out in his book.

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