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Friday: Jane Smiley Wants America To Get To Know St. Louis Better

Oct 16, 2019


This interview will be on “St. Louis on the Air” at noon on Friday, October 18. This story will be updated after the show. You can listen live.

Jane Smiley recently came back to St. Louis for her 50th high school reunion. But unlike many of us, the Pulitzer Prize winning novelist wasn’t content simply to explore what had changed around town. Smiley also wrote an essay about the city, and her travels here, for the New York Times.

On Friday’s St. Louis on the Air, Smiley will join us by phone to discuss her essay. In it, she suggests not only that St. Louis should get its props as a tourist destination, but that it might be “the most enlightening spot in America for discovering what America really is.”

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