Jazz Families: Blood Relatives-Part 1 | St. Louis Public Radio

Jazz Families: Blood Relatives-Part 1

Feb 6, 2016

Jazz Unlimited for February 7 will be the first of a five-part series on “Jazz Families: Blood Relatives.”  There are an amazing number of jazz musicians who have blood relatives (mothers, fathers, siblings) who are also jazz musicians.  This show will feature music by the Dodds brothers, the Buckner brothers, the DeParis brothers, the Goodman brothers, Albert Ammons and his son Gene, Cannonball and Nat Adderley and Nat’s son Nat Adderley, Jr., the Clayton family, the Candoli brothers, the Brecker brothers, the Cole brothers, the Barron brothers, the Bryant brothers, Kenny Drew and his son Kenny Drew, Jr., the Coltrane family, the Eubanks brothers, the Bowie brothers and the Ayler brothers.

The Slide Show contains my photographs of some of the musicians heard on this show.

The Archive for this show will be available until the morning of February 15, 2016.

This video is of the Lester Bowie Brass Fantasy playing "Siesta for the Fiesta" ad another tune from the Northsea Jazz Festival in 1991.  Soloists that I can identify are Lester Bowie (t, flhrn) Steve Turre, Vincent Chancey (frhrn) Vinnie Johnson (d) Bob Stewart (d).  The percussionist is Famoudou Don Moye.