Jazz Families: Blood Relatives-Part 4 | St. Louis Public Radio

Jazz Families: Blood Relatives-Part 4

Feb 28, 2016

Jazz Unlimited for February 28, 2016 will be the fourth of a five-part series on “Jazz Families: Blood Relatives.”  There are an amazing number of jazz musicians who have blood relatives (mothers, fathers, siblings) who are also jazz musicians.  The musicians heard on this show include St. Louis’s own Kennedy brothers, Bosman Twins and their father Lloyd Smith along with the Moten brothers, the Teagarden family, the Dorsey brothers, the Rollini brothers, the McShann brothers, the Jacquet brothers, the John Hendricks family, Gerald Wiggins and his son Hassan Shakur, Stan Getz and his daughter, the Pizzarelli Family, the LaBarbera brothers, Terry Gibbs and his son Gerry, Freddie Waits and his son Nasheet, Gerald Wilson and his son Anthony, the Royal brothers and the Gonzalez brothers.

The Slide Show contains my photographs of some of the artists heard on this show.

The Archive of this show will be available until the morning of March 7, 2016

This video is by the Terry Gibbs big band with solos by Gibbs (vib) and Benny Powell (tb), arranged by Marty Paich on WGBH TV for PBS in 1982