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The Jazz History Of St. Louis-Part 8: The 1990s-Rebuilding The Scene

Aug 22, 2014

The Jazz Unlimited on Sunday, August 24 will be  “The Jazz History of St. Louis-Part 8: The 1990s-Rebuilding the Scene.”  The 1990’s were a period of rebuilding.  The jazz studies programs at Webster University and SIU-E were firmly entrenched. A new label, MaxJazz was started by Richard McDonnell and is now a national jazz record label.  Barbara Rose opened a club that was a listening room called “Just Jazz” in the Hotel Majestic.  When the Majestic was sold, Barbara moved to the Bistro Europa in Grand Center and opened “Jazz At the Bistro,” one of the first non-profit jazz clubs in the country.  She operated the club until her death in 1999.  Gene Dobbs Bradford became executive director.  Jazz at the Bistro is now one of the premier jazz clubs in the world.  The Sheldon Concert Hall was revamped and a new art gallery was opened.  The Sheldon Arts Foundation now puts on jazz concerts and exhibits of jazz photography, among other things, in the hall and galleries.  We will hear music by the legendary drummer Joe Charles, Herb Drury, Carolbeth True, the Kim Portnoy Big Band, the Gateway City Big Band, Reggie and Mardra Thomas, Jean Kittrell, the Dixie Stompers, Christine Hitt, Asa Harris, and Denise Thimes.  Drummer Gary Sykes will be interviewed.

Check out photos of some tonight's performers on the slide show.

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Here is a video of Willie Akins (ts) Simon Rowe (p) Willem von Holmbracht (b) and Montez Coleman playing Thelonious Monk's "Ask Me Now" at the Artists Quarter in St. Paul, MN.