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The Jazz History Of St. Louis-Part 9: The Early 2000's

Aug 29, 2014

The Jazz Unlimited Sunday, August 31, will be the “Jazz History of St. Louis-Part 9: The Early 2000’s.”  Even though 9/11 put fear into the nation, the St. Louis jazz scene continued to revive until the Great Recession that started in 2007.  After that, gigs were few and far between for several years.  Jazz at the Bistro became one of the great jazz clubs in the world.  The Sheldon continued to bring local and national groups into St. Louis.  The City Bank St. Louis Jazz Festival was in Shaw Park from 2001 to 2008.  Bill Becker’s Victoria Company continued to document St. Louis’s jazz musicians.  The Sheldon Art Gallery presented an exhibition on the Jazz history of St. Louis in 2006 and my book “City of Gabriels-The Jazz History of St. Louis 1895-1974" was published in that year.  The August 31 show will present music by Tom Byrne, Valerie Tichacek, Lamar Harris, Jeremy Davenport, Stephanie Trick, Peter Martin, Kim Massey, Cornet Chop Suey, Erin Bode, Danita Mumphard, Gary Dammer, Jim Manley, the Trio Tres Bien, Prince Wells, Tom Kennedy, Randy Holmes, Kim Portnoy, Reggie and Mardra Thomas, Fontella Bass, Swing DeVille, Steve Davis, Ralph and Barbara Sutton, Brett Stamps, Jim Owens, Terry Williams, Jimmy Jones, Sherry Drake, William Linehan and Larry Wilson.  Gene Dobbs Bradford, Erin Bode, Peter Martin, Randy Holmes and Reggie Thomas will be interviewed.

Check out the photos of some of the artists heard tonight in the slide show.

Here is the Kim Portnoy Trio at Cookies in 2006.  Kim Portnoy (p), Glenn Smith (b) Clancy Newell (d).  This segment contains an interview of Kim by Valerie Tichacek