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McCaskill asked to reveal position on micro-unions

Jun 13, 2012

A group billing itself as non-partisan is calling on U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D, Missouri) to reveal where she stands on micro-unions.

Micro-unions are smaller groups of workers within an officially-sanctioned labor union.  The National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) issued a ruling last year that allowed the creation of micro-unions.  Jason Klindt with the Coalition to Protect Missouri Jobs says micro-unions are a threat to small businesses.

“If you have a small business owner who’s now dealing with multiple unions within his union, he doesn’t have the expertise to negotiate with multiple unions; he’s gonna have to hire that out to be done," Klindt said.  "The second problem is, if you’re spending all your times with multiple unions, when will you be growing your business?”

Business interests across the nation have asked the U.S. Senate to overturn the ruling that created micro-unions.  Klindt says McCaskill has so far been silent on the issue.  Her office has not responded yet to requests for a comment. 

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