Metal trim falls from Busch Stadium; no one hurt | St. Louis Public Radio

Metal trim falls from Busch Stadium; no one hurt

Aug 2, 2011

The St. Louis Cardinals are working with their engineer and contractor to remove ornamental metal plates from the facade of Busch Stadium.

One of the 100-pound metal plates fell 80 feet to the ground on Monday afternoon.

No one was hurt in the incident but Cardinals Spokesman Ron Watermon says the team isn’t taking any chances.

“The bottom line is we’re removing all of the trim plates around the perimeter of the ball park, starting with all of the public areas," says Watermon. " They will be removed since they serve no structural purpose.  They were only ornamental in nature. ”

“We think a combination of rust and extreme weather conditions caused the plates to fail.  The plates are affixed by what I’m told is a concrete expansion anchor, which is a bolt, and it rusted. ”

Watermon says the stadium has been thoroughly inspected by structural engineers from the stadium’s contractor as well as the city of St. Louis.