Missouri voters not a ‘monolithic voting block’: Inside the ‘Beyond the Ballot’ project | St. Louis Public Radio

Missouri voters not a ‘monolithic voting block’: Inside the ‘Beyond the Ballot’ project

Sep 27, 2018

On Thursday’s St. Louis on the Air, host Don Marsh discussed the “Beyond the Ballot” project with St. Louis Public Radio reporter Ashley Lisenby and Harvest Public Media editor Erica Hunzinger.

The project is a collaborative effort among Missouri public radio stations KBIA, KCUR, KSMU and St. Louis Public Radio, and it explores Missouri voters’ aspirations for November's midterm elections.

Hunzinger, who oversees the project, said its aim is to amplify voter constituencies and “see what people wanted out of their representation in the statehouse and D.C.”

“We’ve been learning that Missouri voters want a bunch of different things,” Hunzinger added. “They’re not a monolithic voting block just because Trump won the state in 2016; things have changed a little bit.”

Lisenby noted that there is a split among younger, first-time voters – with some excited for the upcoming elections and others disengaged.

“Missouri is interesting in that we don’t have some of the kind of races we’re seeing in other states, [which] are these really fiery races that are setting new precedents,” Lisenby said. “And so maybe that’s one reason why some kids who can now vote aren’t as engaged.”

Check out the “Beyond the Ballot” project for more insight on the interests of first-time voters, black voters, small business owners and more in November’s midterm elections.

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