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Mo. Senate passes proposal to change term limits

Apr 28, 2011

The Missouri Senate has passed a proposed constitutional amendment that would alter term limits for state lawmakers.

Currently, House and Senate members can serve no more than eight years in their respective chambers, although they can switch chambers and serve another eight years across the Rotunda.

The resolution would limit lawmakers to 16 years in office, but allow them to serve part or all of those years in the same chamber.

The sponsor, State Senator Tim Green (D, Spanish Lake), says having eight-year terms per chamber has made it easier for special interests to control less-experienced lawmakers.

“Hopefully by giving people a longer chance of serving, they will spend less time on future political ambitions and maybe more time on taking seriously the job of serving the public," Green said.

The Senate passed the measure 29-4.  It now goes to the Missouri House, with just two weeks left in this year’s session.  If it passes there, the resolution would go before Missouri voters next year.

Missouri voters approved term limits in 1992.