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Mo. special session may be effectively over

Oct 18, 2011

Missouri’s special legislative session may, in effect, be over, following Monday's actions in the Missouri Senate.

First, the Senate rejected the House version of a wide-ranging tax credit bill, voting to send it back to the House and urging passage of the Senate version.  Then Senate leaders chose not to vote on a presidential primary bill, following a failed attempt to swap it out with an alternate version that would have replaced the primary with county-level caucuses.

President Pro-tem Rob Mayer (R, Dexter) says there’s nothing left to do, unless the House changes its position on tax credits.

“Here in the Senate, we can’t pass an economic development bill that doesn’t place 7-year sunsets on (the) low income housing tax credit program and (on the) historic preservation (program)," Mayer said  "Why continue on?  The differences are irreconcilable at this time, and we can’t make them up between now and November 5th.”

The Senate is scheduled to hold a technical session next week, but the full body is not expected to return.  The House, meanwhile, has a technical session scheduled Wednesday.