MSD preps St. Louis for remnants of Hurricane Isaac | St. Louis Public Radio

MSD preps St. Louis for remnants of Hurricane Isaac

Aug 28, 2012

The latest forecast from the National Weather Service shows the remnants of Hurricane Isaac passing through the St. Louis region on Saturday morning. 

That has local officials getting ready for problems that could result from a major rainfall.

Metropolitan Sewer District spokesman Lance LeComb said storms like Isaac have historically presented the greatest threat of flash flooding.

“Storms that have caused the most widespread damage and flooding in our area have been hurricanes or tropical storms that have come off the Gulf Coast and either bring a lot of force and a lot of water with them and pass through quickly or they’re not strong enough to blow through the area but the system stall and breakup over the St. Louis area dumping inches of rain for hours upon hours,” LeComb said.    

MSD is working to make sure it has enough staff on had to respond to any problems over the weekend, LeComb said.

Here's a list of ways the department says residents can help ensure “stormwater sewers/drainage systems to operate at the highest possible efficiency.”

In 2008, the remnants of Hurricane Ike caused major flash flooding in parts of the metropolitan area.    

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