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Nurses for Newborns continues to help at-risk infants get a healthy start

Feb 16, 2018

For more than two decades, Nurses for Newborns have stepped in to help more than 100,000 families lacking in resources to care for their newborn babies.

On Friday's St. Louis on the Air, host Don Marsh talked about services provided by Nurses for Newborns to provide a safety net and improve the outcomes of at-risk infants. Joining him for the discussion was Nurses for Newborns chief executive officer Melinda Ohlemiller.

Listen to the full discussion about the organization’s mission and services:

All of their services are provided in-home to “eliminate barriers of transportation,” Ohlemiller said. They aim to prevent child abuse and neglect by providing nursing visits which promote healthcare, education and positive parenting skills.

The organization serves families in the St. Louis region, with its second office in Nashville, Tennessee. Between the two sites, the organization employs between 25 and 30 registered nurses at a time.

“We’re looking at their health trajectory, of setting it in a direction that’s positive,” Ohlemiller said. “When a baby’s health nutrition, their own mental health, the wellbeing of their family starts out poorly, it’s just that much more challenging to catch up.”

Ohlemiller said their services “go beyond” families who just lack in resources.

 “About 90 percent of our families might meet someone’s definition of not having enough resources. But we do have some families who come to us for some of the other reasons,” she said. A family who is new to the country or is isolated from other family also might seek help from the organization.

Nurses for Newborns’ upcoming event will award Dr. Sessions Cole, chief medical officer at St. Louis Children's Hospital, and raise money to continue the organization’s mission to serve disadvantaged families and provide them with health services.

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What: Nurses for Newborns 20th Annual "A Night for Newborns Gala"
When: Feb. 17, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.
Where: Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries, 3648 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63108

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