Politically Speaking: Where Do Missouri Democrats Go From Here? | St. Louis Public Radio

Politically Speaking: Where Do Missouri Democrats Go From Here?

Aug 23, 2019

The latest episode of Politically Speaking explores the state of the Missouri Democratic Party — and what some of the party’s leadership say needs to be done to reverse its decline.

St. Louis Public Radio’s Jason Rosenbaum, Jo Mannies, Julie O’Donoghue and Jaclyn Driscoll chart out why Missouri Democrats went from dominating the state’s politics to being nearly completely out of power. Many Democrats believe that State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s 2020 gubernatorial bid is the first big step toward engineering a comeback.

Here’s what St. Louis Public Radio’s political team talked about on the show:

  • How the Missouri Democratic Party plans to rebound from three dismal election cycles, which Rosenbaum explored in a feature that aired on Friday.
  • Why Missouri Democrats have fallen so far — especially in rural areas like northeast Missouri.
  • The pathway Democrats in another conservative state, Louisiana, took to recapture the governorship. 
  • What Galloway and Gov. Mike Parson had to say during the Missouri State Fair that could set the tone for their 2020 gubernatorial showdown.

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