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Printer Eric Woods brings poetry to The Firecracker Press

Dec 10, 2010

Eric Woods is Owner and Founder of The Firecracker Press at 2838 Cherokee Street.  He's a visual artist, not a poet.  But he's been teaming up with poets for most of the nine years he's been open, mostly, he says "out of necessity."

We know a few poets around town.  We run with an artistic crowd, I guess you could say.  Those folks need a sort of publisher, or someone to print their work, so that started coming to us a little bit.  As we started developing those relationships, it made sense to have readings at the shop.  I don’t know why it took us nine years to figure out that we should have readings at the shop, but it seems to be catching on.  

Tomorrow at 2pm, the final reading of 2010 will take place in the back of Eric's shop and he won't be standing idly by.  While poets Buzz Spector and Brett Underwood read selections from their work, the presses will be fired up and running, and Eric will create handmade broadsides featuring excerpts of the afternoon's poems.

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