Quinn strengthens anti-drug legislation in Illinois | St. Louis Public Radio

Quinn strengthens anti-drug legislation in Illinois

Jul 22, 2011

The state of Illinois has four new laws that Gov. Pat Quinn says will help crack down on substance abuse.

Quinn signed the following measures into law today:

  • House bills 3042, 2089 and 2595 put much tighter restrictions on a variety of synthetic drugs. Bills 3042 and 2089 deal with so-called "bath salts" - essentially fake cocaine that can cause severe hallucinations, paranoia, and psychotic episodes. House Bill 2595 deals with synthetic marijuana products. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed a similar ban this month as well.
  • House Bill 21 expands the definition of a drug-induced homicide by including deaths that occur when a person absorbs the drug through their skin. The bipartisan bill, according to Quinn's office, "closes a loophole in state law the prevent the abuse of prescription pain-killing fentanyl patches." Currently, a person can only face drug-induced homicide charges if they unlawfully¬† deliver an illegal drug to a person who then ingests, snorts or injects the drug.

All the bills except HB2595, the "fake pot" ban, take effect immediately.