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St. Louis In Photos: Then And Now

Mar 5, 2014

Do you have an old family photo that you'd like to recreate? Try it and send the old and new results to us.

Photo illustration of two women crossing the street at 6th and Locust, on the right, in 1940 and on the left in 2014.
Credit Left photo: Brian Villa | for St. Louis Public Radio; right photo: Richard Moore | provided by the Missouri History Museum

Have you wondered what an area looked like years ago? Maybe the spot was totally different, such as 4th and Market. Maybe it has been lovingly maintained, as in the DeMenil Mansion.

Find an old photo and then take one of the place now. When you send the pair, include where you got the old picture and what information you know about it. We'll work on getting permission for the original so we can share your results.

As the celebration of the area's 250th birthday continues, we will print more old and new pairs and would like to include works by our readers.

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