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A tale of hijackings, rescues and a legendary St. Louis helicopter pilot

Nov 9, 2018

RFT’s Danny Wicentowski dives deep into the ins and outs of a decades-old saga involving the late St. Louis traffic reporter Allen Barklage in this week’s printed issue, which features this illustration, by Evan Sult, based on one of Barklage’s photos.
Credit Riverfront Times

As a busy news week full of election results and midterm coverage draws to a close, there’s another story being told in St. Louis that has nothing to do with the polls. This one involves lots of high-stakes helicopter piloting in the bi-state region many years ago.

On Friday’s St. Louis on the Air, host Don Marsh went behind the headlines with the Riverfront Times’ Danny Wicentowski about his newly published deep dive into the memorable life of Allen Barklage, who died in a September 1998 crash.

Danny Wicentowski wrote "The Legend of Allen Barklage," a story that appeared in this week's issue of the Riverfront Times.
Credit Evie Hemphill | St. Louis Public Radio

A longtime helicopter pilot and St. Louis traffic reporter as well as a Vietnam veteran, Barklage lived a life full of risk and adventure – some of it sought after and other parts completely coincidental.

Over the years, he found himself in close contact with everything from the mighty Mississippi to dramatic hijackings and an attempted prison break.

It’s all connected to a decades-old saga that Wicentowski has been following for a long time and which was also recently featured on Criminal: A Podcast.

Listen to the conversation between Marsh and Wicentowski:

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