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A tale from The Story Collider: Andrew Oberle

Mar 5, 2018

Even as a young boy, Andrew Oberle knew exactly what he wanted to do for a living: work with chimpanzees. He was living his dream six years ago at an animal sanctuary in South Africa when tragedy struck.

Oberle recounted his survival of a near-fatal attack by chimpanzees, along with his experience along the road to recovery, during a Story Collider event this past fall. The piece also aired on Monday’s St. Louis on the Air.

Listen to Oberle tell his story:

On Wednesday at the Ready Room in the Grove, The Story Collider returns with an evening of true stories about expectations. All of them, in one way or another, are about science.

The show will be presented by St. Louis Public Radio’s science reporter Eli Chen and local comedian Zack Stovall.

Have an idea for a future Story Collider event? Visit The Story Collider website to submit a pitch.

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