Tuesday: How An Influential—Possibly Flawed—Psychiatric Study Changed The Course of Modern Medicine | St. Louis Public Radio

Tuesday: How An Influential—Possibly Flawed—Psychiatric Study Changed The Course of Modern Medicine

Nov 8, 2019


This interview will be on “St. Louis on the Air” during the noon hour on Tuesday. This story will be updated after the show. Here are some ways to listen live.

In 2009, New York Post reporter Susannah Cahalan suddenly experienced hallucinations, paranoia, seizures and catatonia. She was misdiagnosed for a month before she was finally treated for a rare autoimmune disease that can attack the brain, anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.

Cahalan has little recollection of this time in her life, but she investigated her experience and published the details in her 2012 book, “Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness.”

Led by a concern that others suffering from this condition were being mistreated in psychiatric hospitals, she began looking into an influential 1973 study titled "On Being Sane in Insane Places" by psychologist David Rosenhan. The details of her investigation are found in her latest book, “The Great Pretender: The Undercover Mission That Changed Our Understanding of Madness.”

Tuesday on St. Louis on the Air, host Sarah Fenske will talk with Cahalan about her examination of Rosenhan’s study, what she learned about the treatment of mental illness from researching her own harrowing experience, and the narrow line between physical and mental illness.

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