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We Live Here: Revisiting some great stories.

Jan 10, 2016

First a definition: Hiatus, noun, a break or interruption in the continutity of a work, series, action., etc. 

We aren't giving you this definition to insult your intelligence. Rather, we are defining the word to let you know that the We Live Here crew is taking a hiatus. And it really will be a short break, so that we can bring you fresh, informative and thought-provoking shows in our second season starting in March.

In the meantime, we decided to look back on some of our earlier work from the first season and share some of our favorites with you. Perhaps you missed it earlier, or perhaps you just want to hear it again. Either way, have a listen.

Our first selection is what we refer to as the "Collateral Consequence" show.

The show looks at what how someone who has committed a misdemeanor — such trespassing or failing to appear in court for a traffic ticket or something like that — can have a really hard time getting out from under the shadow of that violation.

“If you have an individual who has previously abused children or the elderly, I don’t think that many people would argue that it’s unreasonable for us to say that individual should never work in a daycare center or never work caring for the elderly," said Lucian Dervan, an associate professor of law and director of faculty development at Southern Illinois University School of Law.   

The problem, Dervan said, is that many collateral consequences  treat all crimes the same. So it doesn't matter if  you  were charged with driving without a license or  trafficking drugs, you’d still face some of the same penalties.

“It can affect social services, employment, licenses you might have for your employment, your housing opportunities, student loans, parental rights, immigration status, volunteer opportunities. The list really goes on and on,” Dervan said.  

Listen to the show and keep checking back! We'll be sharing more favorite podcasts with you for the next few weeks.