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Wentzville prescription drug collection program going well

Dec 27, 2010

The Wentzville Police Department says a program started last month to collect unused prescription medication has so far been a success.

The program helps keep medications from contaminating the water supply and to keep them away from children and others who might abuse them.

Captain Kevin Pyatt is with the Wentzville Police Department.

"There's been a few problems," Pyatt says, "We've had some folks dump individual pills into containers. We like to have those in bags or bottles or something. We don't like syringes or liquids. Everything else is pretty much accepted."

The medications can be deposited in a drop-box in the police station's lobby on Schroeder Creek Blvd. Pyatt says the drugs are later incinerated.

Police say they won't  ask questions about or start investigations into anonymous drug drop-offs. Wentzville is among the first area law enforcement agencies to offer the program. In Illinois, the City of Waterloo has a similar program.