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How Well Do You Know The St. Louis Walk Of Fame Inductees?

An updated version of a book profiling the 140 inductees to the St. Louis Walk of Fame is now available at Blueberry Hill and area bookstores. The original version of the book only included the first 50 inductees.

The founder of the St. Louis Walk of Fame, Joe Edwards, wrote the foreword to the book, as well as many of the early profiles. He started the Walk of Fame, he said, to "draw attention to the great St. Louisans who have affected our culture on a national level."

"Most of the time I would know if somebody was doing a special magazine article or a television special that somebody was from St. Louis, but sometimes I didn't and it kind of made me go 'whoa, we should draw attention to this for a couple of reasons.' One just to let people in other cities know that our city is really good. And two to let people in St. Louis have great role models and be inspired by some of the greats over the last 250 years that have come from St. Louis," said Edwards.

See if you recognize the voice of a few of the St. Louis Walk of Fame inductees by playing the clips below.

1.) This Walk of Fame Inductee had her star added to the Loop in 1992. She was born in St. Louis in 1928 and named Marguerite Johnson.

Credit: NPR.

Click here to read more about this Walk of Fame inductee.

2.) This Walk of Fame inductee was one of the first 10 inducted in 1989. If you don't recognize his voice, you must not be a Cardinals fan.


  Click here to read more about this Walk of Fame inductee.

You can find a full list of the St. Louis Walk of Fame inductees on the website or in the book.

Book Signings
Tuesday, Dec. 10, 6–7 pm, Eclipse Restaurant in The Loop
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