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Air Freshener

Joshua Danrich is the founder and CEO of Mr. Fresh., which is an air freshener and deodorizer company in St. Louis.
Marissanne Lewis-Thompson | St. Louis Public Radio

Joshua Danrich is like most kids his age. He’s energetic, has a big personality and loves cars.

“I always loved Hot Wheels,” Joshua said. “I love Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bugattis, Ferraris — all the sports cars.”

Last October, the 11-year-old turned his interest in cars into an air freshener and deodorizer business called Mr. Fresh. Joshua said his product can make anything fresh, including the inside of a car and fabrics at home. For $7 a pop, each portable glass spray bottle has its own unique scent and color from Black Ice and Cool Breeze to Yellow Rose and Baby Powder.