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Assisted Living Facilities

St. Louis Elders Spur Boom In Care Facilities

May 4, 2014
Joseph Leahy / St. Louis Public Radio

Perhaps the most visible sign of St. Louis’ baby boomers growing old is the local construction surge of senior licensed care facilities. Over the past three years, construction, renovation and expansion projects in the metro area have added up to nearly one quarter of a billion dollars with more development on the way.

St. Louis County Assessor's Office

The St. Louis County Assessor’s Office will undertake a review of all tax-exempt properties in the county to confirm their owners still qualify for the tax break.

Exemptions have been granted to thousands of non-profit groups because their properties are used for charitable, religious or educational purposes, but some of them no longer qualify, said County Assessor Jake Zimmerman.

This rendering shows what the National Church Residences facility in Oakville will look like after construction is complete.
National Church Residences

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: St. Louis County Councilman Steve Stenger told reporters that the votes were not there on the St. Louis County Council to reverse the zoning designation of a low-income senior residence in Oakville.