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Jess Luther / I Went to a Show

Jess Luther, a music expert who’s among the founders of the local music blog I Went to a Show, continues to highlight local musicians across several genres.

Luther, who also works in business operations at St. Louis Public Radio, featured up and coming artists with producer Alex Heuer on Wednesday’s St. Louis on the Air. Luther premiered songs from local musicians and talked about their collaborations with each other.

Paige Alyssa’s “Worth It”


American Wrestlers, photographed in August 2016 by Jess Luther.
Jess Luther | I Went To A Show

When St. Louis Public Radio Business Operations Specialist Jess Luther founded the live, local music blog I Went to a Show in 2010, she had three goals: get St. Louis fans to come to local shows, have them buy tickets and buy merchandise.

She wanted to help foster a community of live music lovers in a city she knows and loves.

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The text that follows is a condensed version of a longer interview, which you can listen to above.

Science blogger Danielle Lee is on a roll.

The Memphis native recently got her Ph.D. in animal behavior at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

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She writes from her St. Louis home while the kids are at school. But from that place, she connects with moms around the country. Her posts, and those of other women who blog about motherhood, ring with humor and exhaustion.

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