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Developer Paul McKee outlined his plans for an urgent care hospital at 25th St. and Maiden Ln. in July of 2014.
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Developer Paul McKee unveiled plans Wednesday for an urgent care facility on the north side of St. Louis, but questions at the press event turned to the lack of infrastructure projects in McKee's massive, 1,500 acre redevelopment area.

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Missouri House members are proposing a statewide bond issue they say could launch a building boom across the Show-Me State.

House Speaker Tim Jones (R, Eureka) has created a special committee to examine several bonding proposals that could fund new buildings, repairs and upgrades on state property and college campuses.  The effort is bipartisan, as the Republican speaker has appointed Democrat Chris Kelly of Columbia to chair the committee.  Kelly says the proposal can be done without raising taxes, unless transportation needs are included.

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U.S. Senate Candidate Todd Akin is dismissing the controversy over his use of the word “ladylike” to describe his opponent, Claire McCaskill.

Referring to the first debate between the two candidates Akin said that McCaskill wasn’t behaving as “ladylike” as she did in her first campaign for Senate in 2006.

McCaskill rebuked Akin’s choice of words during an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, saying that she is once again "at a loss" to describe Todd Akin.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, June 5, 2012 - Voters in St. Louis County and St. Louis overwhelmingly approved a $945 million bond issue for the Metropolitan Sewer District, a measure aimed at satisfying a mandate from the Environmental Protection Agency.

As of 10 p.m., the ballot item – known as Proposition Y – won 86.61 percent of "yes" votes in St. Louis with 98.9 percent of the vote tallied. The "yes" vote in St. Louis County racked up 84.73 percent with all precincts reporting.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, May 22, 2012 - Customers of the Metropolitan Sewer District can expect their bills to go up -- no matter how St. Louis and St. Louis County residents vote Tuesday. The only question is whether rates will go up gradually or increase sharply right away.

Forest Park Forever president and executive director Lesley Hoffarth said public input will help guide future changes and upgrades at the city's most well-known green space.
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The St. Louis Board of Aldermen appears likely to meet an end-of-the-year deadline to pass a bond issue for the city’s parks, giving initial approval today to legislation that would issue $64 million in debt to fund major capital repairs at the more than 100 parks in the city limit.

Ex-CIA agent from O'Fallon charged with leak granted bond

Jan 25, 2011

A Virginia judge has granted bond to a former CIA officer from O'Fallon accused of leaking government secrets about Iran to a reporter for the New York Times.

Jeffrey Sterling had been in custody since his arrest on Jan. 6 on charges that he illegally disclosed classified documents to reporter James Risen between 2001 and 2006.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Aug. 3, 2010 - Responding to the message that a $155 million bond issue for the St. Louis Public Schools would require no tax increase,  city voters gave the proposal an overwhelming victory Tuesday.

With 100 percent of the city’s precincts reporting, Proposition S, won with 76 percent of the vote, and school officials declared victory. It needed a four-sevenths majority for passage, or 57.1 percent.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, July 20, 2010 - St. Louis school officials hope their track record in bringing air conditioning to city school buildings will result in a warm reception for next month's $155 million bond issue.

But lingering resentment over the fact that the schools are being run by a state-appointed board is prompting some to give the proposition the cold shoulder.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, May 25, 2010 -   The St. Louis Public Schools will ask city voters to approve $155 million in bonds Aug. 3 to pay for construction, renovation, technology, security and removal of lead paint from school buildings.

The special administrative board that runs the city schools approved the measure at its meeting Thursday night. The bond issue would need a four-sevenths majority for approval.

Commentary: 'The Big Short' tells a long story

May 13, 2010

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, May 13, 2010 - British philosopher Albert North Whitehead wrote of the “fallacy of misplaced concreteness” — or the tendency of the intellect to confuse abstraction with tangible reality. Before you dismiss Whitehead’s notion as esoteric academia with no practical correlation to ordinary living, I suggest that you read Michael Lewis’ seminal new bestseller, “The Big Short.”