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Walter Byrd checks on an overflowing sewer grate next to his home in Centreville. Like dozens of other residents, Byrd has raw sewage seeping through his yard. Jan. 27, 2020
Carolina Hidalgo | St. Louis Public Radio

CENTREVILLE — At least twice a day, Walter Byrd checks on the pumps on his yard. 

Like dozens of residents in the Metro East city of Centreville, Byrd has raw sewage seeping through his yard. A person can’t bear to stand in his yard during the summer because it smells like a “hog pen,” he said.

The city and its sewer utility, Commonfields of Cahokia, have neglected the sewer systems for decades. When there’s a heavy rain, the water often has nowhere to drain and floods parts of town.

Metro East Residents In Alorton, Centreville Will Vote On Proposal To Merge

Jan 30, 2020
Residents in Centreville and Alorton will vote on March 17 whether to merge the two small Metro East municipalities.
Derik Holtmann | Belleville News-Democrat

Citzens of two shrinking Metro East municipalities will be asked on the March 17 primary ballot if they should be merged.

The boards of both the city of Centreville and village of Alorton each approved a referendum that, if approved, would join the municipalities in an aldermanic style of government. The city, according to the referendum, would be called Alcentra.