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City Garden Montessori To Train Anti-Racist Teachers In St. Louis

Sep 28, 2019
City Garden Principal Nicole Evans working with 4th graders Shannon Seals and Maya Gante' both 9 on how to do fractions.
Wiley Price | St. Louis American

City Garden Montessori, located in the Shaw neighborhood, is a preK-8 charter school committed to anti-biased, anti-racist (ABAR) practices. Finding Montessori-trained teachers is a national problem in general, said Christie Huck, executive director City Garden Montessori.

“Then when you add in our ABAR commitment and our deep commitment to equity, there just really are not training centers that prepare teachers to do Montessori in the public sector with an equity lens,” Huck said. “We are part of a national movement of folks trying to do this work, and there’s a deep need nationally.”

This summer, City Garden will launch its own training institute to prepare teachers to lead anti-biased, anti-racist Montessori classrooms in St. Louis and across the nation.

Children draw at City Garden Montessori school. The school plans to increase enrollment from 276 students to 2,500 over 10 years.
Ryan Delaney | St. Louis Public Radio

A sought-after and successful charter school has plans to grow significantly in St. Louis. City Garden Montessori expects to increase enrollment tenfold over the next decade, which would make it one of the largest charter school systems in the city.

The plan would expand City Garden's current school serving children in preschool through eighth grade and add three new locations. It will also start its own teacher-training program.

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