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Civil Disobedience

Arun Gandhi
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Indian-American activist Arun Gandhi is devoted to teaching his grandfather’s philosophy of nonviolence, whether he’s talking about conflicts in the Middle East or protests in the St. Louis area.

Nonviolence “is the only thing that is going to save this world, if it is going to be saved at all,” Gandhi said. His grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi, led nonviolent civil disobedience protests and inspired civil rights movements around the world.

Camille Phillips/St. Louis Public Radio

Dozens were arrested Wednesday afternoon during an attempted act of civil disobedience in north St. Louis County. Prior to the demonstration, protest organizers said they wanted a special prosecutor appointed for the county’s investigation into the death of Michael Brown. The goal was to shut down Interstate 70 at Hanley Road, but a strong police presence prevented demonstrators from reaching their goal.

Joseph Leahy/St. Louis Public Radio

Occupy movements from across the country are gathering this week in St. Louis to revive their populist protests against banks, corporations and government.

Rachael Perrotta, a media coordinator from Occupy Chicago said the regional conference will stage at least four non-violent group actions in St. Louis against various companies including Monsanto.

“Welcome to the American Spring," Perrotta said. "Our movement is expanding. We're growing. Winter was the time for internal organizing. Spring is the time to get back into the streets."