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"Barn Quilt" is a handcut piece made out of a collection of maps. Fidencio Fifield-Perez said the piece is a snpashot visualizing terms used to describe immigration such as a "flood" or "wave."
Fidencio Fifield Perez

Fidencio Fifield-Perez’s art details moments in time. He uses paintings and paper cuttings that reflect his early life in Oaxaca, Mexico, his childhood in North Carolina, and his struggle as a young adult who applied for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

The Obama administration program gave temporary relief to young adults who entered the United States without authorization as children and have grown up in this country. 

Fifield-Perez works on art in Columbia, Missouri, but his affinity for using cuts of paper began as a child. Now, he uses those techniques to pay homage to Oaxacan traditions and as a commentary on the current state of immigration.

(March 26, 2019)  Longtime television personality Karen Foss talked about her role in news coverage and her take on the industry today on Tuesday's "St. Louis on the Air."
File photo | Evie Hemphill | St. Louis Public Radio

For 27 years, Karen Foss was a familiar face for many people in the St. Louis region. She worked as a TV anchorwoman for KSDK (Channel 5) from 1979 until her retirement in 2006.

Foss has since moved away from the city where she played such a significant role in news coverage. But she returned to town this week and joined Tuesday’s St. Louis on the Air for a conversation with host Don Marsh.

Director of Sheldon Art Galleries Olivia Lahs-Gonzales joined artist Larry Krone to discuss Krone's exhibit at the Sheldon, "The Best, Best Everything."
Aine O'Connor | St. Louis Public Radio

Nationally-known multimedia artist Larry Krone grew up in St. Louis, but has not returned for a major exhibition of his work since 2006. On Friday, Oct. 2, that changes when the Sheldon Art Galleries opens an exhibition of his pieces, which combine found textiles, graphics and craft materials with his own artistic stamp.

Then and Now (Cape Collaboration)
Larry Krone

Nationally-known multi-media artist Larry Krone grew up in St. Louis but has not returned to exhibit his work since 2006. On Friday, Oct. 2, that changes when the Sheldon Art Galleries opens an exhibition of his pieces, which combine found textiles, graphics and craft materials with his own artistic stamp.

Table and Chairs
Duet Gallery

A table can connect families, foster discussion or encourage a game of cards. This weekend, a table in Grand Center also provides a canvas for artistic and cultural expression.

“Table” opened Thursday night at the new Duet art space, 3526 Washington Ave., with an evening of drinks and folk music. Friday night at 7, the custom wood design by Martin Goebel becomes the stage for a new media performance.

EAC/Portfolio’s “Ebony Creations”

St. Louis-area art openings this Friday explore the beauty of nature, teapots and African-American works. “Ebony Creations” is a joint project of Portfolio Gallery and the Edwardsville Arts Center.

Review: Liner's exhibit encapsulates women in upholstered eggs

Sep 30, 2013

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Sept. 30, 2013 - French psychoanalytic theorist Jacques Lacan used the term “the gaze” to describe the power relationship involved in one person looking at another. Lacan refers to the agency of the looker and the objectification of the human who is “gazed” upon. Pop singer Lady Gaga’s raw meat dress by Argentine designer Franc Fernandez comes from a tradition of meat wear (British artist Linder’s 1982 chicken meat dress, Jana Sterbak’s 1987 Vanitas sculpture, the list is rather long) that typically make a statement about the “male gaze.”

(Courtesy Craft Alliance)

Starting tomorrow, Craft Alliance asks St. Louisans to answer the question, "What do you want to do before you die?"

It's part of an international art project called "Before I die..." in which the public is invited to write their hopes and dreams in chalk on a wall for all passing by to see. Hundreds of cities around the world have their own chalkboard wall. It was started in 2011 in New Orleans by Cindy Chang after she lost a loved one.

Public art wall displays students' private aspirations

Jul 8, 2013

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, July 8, 2013 - A mural on the public art wall near Powell Symphony Hall may be temporary, but has permanent impact.

“Reflective Mythologies: Portraits (re-mixed)” explores mythmaking through art, and this through the eyes of 25 students who participated in the project that was led by Craft Alliance. It was led by Christopher Burch, an artist who has roots in University City.

Courtesy of Ken Botnick

When someone asks Ken Botnick what he does, the answer is not an easy one.  As a typographer, he is at the same time a designer, craftsman, printer and publisher, and if that isn’t enough, he is also a Professor of Art and Director of the Nancy Spirtas Kranzberg Studio for the Illustrated Book at the Sam Fox School at Washington University.  The focus of his artistic endeavors is the creation of limited edition books. 

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Oct. 3, 2012 - Seven jewelry creators bring their work to Clasp, the latest exhibit at Craft Alliance at Grand Center curated by Robert Longyear. Conceived as a show about making connections, Clasp highlights the body as landscape.

Review: Colorful lesson at Craft Alliance

Nov 28, 2011

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Nov. 28, 2011 - For "Follow the Leader," Guerra de la Paz (the collaborative team of Cuban-born artists Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz) fashioned heaps of discarded clothing and shoes into a centipede-like organism that snakes around the Craft Alliance gallery in Grand Center.

Talking Textiles: Patricia Vivod

Aug 29, 2011

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Aug. 29, 2011 - Over the next several weeks, some of the people who are participating in "Innovations: A Biennial Textile Event" will share their thoughts about the medium and their life in art. Patricia Vivod, curator of and artist in the "Collaboration: Reaping and Sewing" exhibit at Jacoby Arts Center, shares how she works with rust and how her art as evolved.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Aug. 15, 2011 - Clothes encounters of the procured kind will soon materialize in Grand Center. 

Beginning Monday, Aug. 15, Craft Alliance will accept donations of shirts, skirts, pants, shoes and more at both its locations for an art installation at its Kranzberg Arts Center gallery. The clothing collection, called "Undress for Art" will continue through Sept. 10.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, May 23, 2011 - "Absences and Obsessions" at Craft Alliance in Grand Center is the MFA thesis exhibition of Kristin Fleischmann, a degree recipient this year from Washington University.

It's a beautifully done show, a selection of sculptural and painted works that explore material metaphors of the body. Central in the exhibition is "A Silkworm of One's Own," curtains of delicate strings, some knotted and others clotted with concrete.

Review: 'Breathe' lightly

Jan 26, 2011

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Jan. 26, 2011 - Maine-based artist Carrie Scanga's "Breathe" is one of the most successful installations in recent memory to grace Craft Alliance's Grand Center.

Using the slightest of materials -- translucent yellow tracing paper -- Scanga has built a hive-like vault that embraces viewers and transforms the gallery's light and atmosphere.

Review: Matt Wilt pushes ceramic boundaries

Oct 25, 2010

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Oct. 25, 2010 - Matt Wilt belongs to a new breed of ceramics artists who draw on the history and traditions of the ceramic medium while simultaneously pushing its boundaries into wider sculptural and conceptual territory.

The works in "Trials and Errors," Wilt's exhibition at Craft Alliance in Delmar Loop, reveal the artist's thorough knowledge of traditional vessel forms, wood firing techniques, lustrous porcelain finishes and rougher stoneware textures.

Review: 'Traces of Time' has quite a presence

Jul 30, 2010

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, July 30, 2010 - "Traces of Time and Presence" features the work of this year's artists-in-residence at Craft Alliance in Grand Center: Erin Vigneau Dimick in fibers, Tom Dykas in clay and Michael Parrett in metals. It's a quiet show, with works in different media that hang well together, forging subtle thematic and formal connections.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, July 28, 2010 - Missouri's budget shortfall has been felt everywhere from schools to state agencies to social service programs. Arts groups across St. Louis haven't been spared, either. Many are adjusting to the new reality of decreasing financial support from the state at a time when resources remain tight.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, April 20, 2010 - Patricia Degener, a formidable presence in the worlds of art and journalism in St. Louis and a woman whose pronouncements on everything from gardening to geopolitics were delivered fearlessly and with authority and conviction, died Monday at home in the Central West End, where she’d lived for almost half a century. She was 85 years old.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, March 25, 2010 - "Decadense," the exhibition of recent paintings by Cindy Tower at Bruno David Gallery, 3721 Washington Blvd., treats the decrepit, abandoned factory buildings around East St. Louis to even tighter gnarls and more breathless density than in her previous go-round with the subject.

Review: Longyear's show is best of year - so far

Jun 3, 2009

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, June 30, 2009 - Is it too early to pronounce the best St. Louis gallery show of 2009? Well, no matter -- in early voting, my choice is Robert Longyear's "A Revisionist's Draft" at Craft Alliance's Grand Center.

Light the lights for Big Brothers and Grand Center

Jun 25, 2008
night image of grand center woolworth building  300 pixels  2008
Tom Nagel | St. Louis Beacon archives

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: June 25, 2008 - "Ma'am, are they taking applications in there?" the gentleman called from his white pickup Monday afternoon at the corner of Olive and Grand. "I've been wanting to do that.''