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EBT cards

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Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed several bills passed during the 2014 regular session into law Friday.

Tweak to funeral protest law

First, Nixon signed  House Bill 1372, which fixes a legal issue with Missouri's ban on protests at funerals.

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A new audit released Tuesday finds that some welfare recipients in Missouri have used their benefits to buy things besides food and other daily necessities, while others may have moved away but continue to get in-state benefits.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: Gov. Jay Nixon signed legislation on Monday to prohibit the use of electronic benefit cards at liquor stores, casinos or adult entertainment establishments.

The bill – sponsored by Sen. Will Kraus, R-Lee’s Summit, and co-sponsored by Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, D-University City – bars an EBT card, a debit card accessing government benefits, from being used "in any place or for any item that is primarily marketed for or used by adults 18 or older" or "is not in the best interests of the child or household." That includes liquor stores, casinos and adult entertainment facilities.

Marshall Griffin/St. Louis Public Radio

Legislation is moving through the Missouri Senate that would strictly limit where Electronic Benefits Transfer, or EBT cards, can be used in the state.

State Senator Will Kraus (R, Lee’s Summit) is sponsoring Senate Bill 251.  He says a new federal law that just took effect will ban EBT card use in casinos, liquor stores and adult entertainment venues.

“We’re taking that federal law (and) putting (it) into state statute," Kraus said.  "But we’re also adding a few places that we think these cards shouldn’t be used at:  amusement parks, entertainment events, athletic events, (or) to purchase alcohol, tobacco (or) lottery tickets.”